Rally Update



We’ve had a couple of questions about whether or not rally will be going ahead, because obviously there’s still a bit of a global pandemic going on. But in the words of one of our generations most famous builders, can we fix this, yes we can!

Currently, rally in person at Braggerswood campsite is our best-case scenario - subject of course to Scouting, Guiding and SU guidelines. If this isn’t possible then a more remote event will take place, your rep should have received a questionnaire which will help us to shape the exact nature of this event, so if they haven’t asked for your opinions go badger them!

This page will be kept up to date with what the rally will look like - the 1st of October is the key date for whether or not Build-A-Rally will be going ahead in the standard format, so keep an eye for our announcement then!

If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us via build-a-rally@ssago.org, via our Facebook Page or by contacting one of the committee members.

Looking forward to seeing or “seeing” as many of you as possible on the 13th-15th November.

The Build-A-Rally Committee


Why wait until the 1st of October to rule out in person an in person rally?

Whilst it is currently looking very unlikely we will be able to run in November, and we are moving to planning a more remote rally, we are awaiting the next Scouting update on residentials before officially cancelling. This is to retain the possibility of an in-person rally for as long as feasible without causing SSAGO any further financial risk. Although it might be simpler to rule out this option now, we want to continue to leave this door open no matter how remote the chance, as we are aware that in spite of our best efforts a remote rally will never quite be as good. 


Should clubs be booking (or cancelling) transport to Southampton?

We would not recommend booking any transport before the 1st of October. We know many clubs would often book transport further in advance than this but we hope you can be understanding of the reasons outlined above for delaying. The extraordinary circumstances also mean that many forms of transport are not allowing bookings this far in advance or are more willing to be flexible than normal. Therefore, whilst this is obviously a decision for clubs to make, it may be worth contacting any transport you have already booked to discuss options now. 

What is the financial risk to SSAGO of Build-A-Rally not going ahead? 

We have not committed ourselves to any further payments since early March and no additional costs will be incurred before the 1st October. The cost we are committed to paying comes from campsite and coach deposits and amounts to just under £350, however our current fundraising has already made a significant dent in this and we are optimistic that further fundraising will reduce this further. 

What will a “more remote” Build-A-Rally look like? 

We are still in the planning stages and taking feedback (please do fill in that survey mentioned above) but the current plan is as follows. “Core” rally items (opening ceremony, campfire, closing ceremony) would be delivered online together with other online evening activities, the remainder of the rally would then be split into different activity sessions (currently we are thinking four, Saturday morning/afternoon and Sunday morning/afternoon). For each of these sessions there will be a number of optional activities to choose from, some of these will be online using things such as Zoom or Discord, some will be in person but individual, a set of instructions with the option to upload results, and some will be in person in clubs. For the in-person in clubs activities we will send out the required equipment and instructions and then your club will run these within one of the time slots, again there will be the option to share your results and see how you compare to other clubs. 

How will costing work?

Very similar to a normal rally, there will be a base cost, this will obviously be much reduced from an in person rally, with survey results helping to inform this decision. Some activities will then have additional costs. These costs will then be added up when you book and like a normal rally will be payable by the individual, even where activities are being run by the club. Your club may charge a fee for any venue hire cost they incur but, like rally transport costs, this will be decided on a club level. 

Covid safeguarding 

We will risk assess all in group activities and the exec have agreed to look over these risk assessments too. Clubs will then need to add anything specific to the location activities are carried out in. 

What will happen if there is an unexpected local or national lockdown or someone needs to self isolate? 

As with all rallies if your (or everyone’s)  circumstances change between booking and rally we will make every effort to accommodate this. If you’re booked onto in person activities and are no longer able to do these you will be able to change your activity choices to online activities either on the website or by sending us an email. Unfortunately if items have been posted out we may still need to charge for these but hopefully you will be able to use them at a later date.

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.